Learn Lessons Once

Not long ago I was in my back yard playing with my dog. We have a two year old rescue collie named Echo and he loves to play rough outside. It was a little chilly outside and when it’s chilly my wedding band sometimes likes to slip right off my finger. This happened while I was playing with Echo.

Now, because this was in the winter our yard had a bunch of pine needles on the ground. So trying to find my ring wasn’t like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, it was like trying to find a ring in a needle stack. After about 10 minutes I got really lucky and found my ring. Now you might think that upon realizing how lucky I got that I was actually able to find my ring, I’d take my ring off before continuing to play with Echo. But, unfortunately I’m not that bright so I put the ring back on, started playing with Echo and after about two minutes felt the ring slip off my finger again. Only this time, I couldn’t find it.

It’s still in my backyard somewhere right now.

From this incidence I learned two important lessons. The first lesson is that if you get lucky and an opportunity lands in front of your face, realize the importance of the opportunity and take advantage of it. The first time I found the ring I got lucky and I shouldn’t have tempted fate by putting it back on my hand while playing with the dog. The second lesson I learned is that I don’t learn lessons the first time around. Apparently, in order for me to figure something out I have to have two or more go’s at it. Which could be a problem because we only get one go at life. As far as we know we’re only here once and spending my entire life learning lessons more than once might not be an option for me. So, I learned that I need to learn faster.

You and I need to learn from things the first time around. And if at all possible, we need to learn from others who have already made the mistake that we’ve made so that we might be less likely to make it ourselves. The only thing better than learning a lesson on the first try is never having to experience learning the lesson at all, and that only happens when we learn from others who have gone through the experience.

So find someone who has done what you are trying to do and learn the lessons from them that you won’t have to learn yourself. And if an opportunity of luck presents itself, be ready to take advantage of it NOW. You never know when that opportunity will slip into the ethos never to return again.