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A Poem About the Importance of Self-Reliance

JACK, THE EMPLOYEE A raft was bought when Jack was young, one that he used to travel the sea Though it tipped and dumped him in and out, he swam back to it wild and free On seeing this a captain offered a job that was sure to keep Jack dry So Jack took that job and left his raft on the coast to wither and die He washed the ship and scrubbed the floors and at night was left to his own And the years passed and he forgot his raft until one day he was grown A storm came down and with it waves that tipped over the ship and crew Jack tried to calm his mates because none of them knew what to do “Kick your feet lads, we’ll swim to shore” he said so they’d follow […]

How to Find the Right Career Coach

I started to sit down and write an article on how to find the right career coach. But before I did, I wanted to take a look at other posts that have already been written on the subject and see what might be missing. Well, I ran into an article that already has everything covered! And no surprise, it’s from The Muse, one of my favorite recommended career sites. So if you’re interested in how to find the right career coach check out the article below! And if you’re looking for someone to help you come up with an idea, whether it be a side hustle, business, invention, job, etc, send me an email at jeremy at and let me know. I may be able to help. 🙂

Learn Lessons Once

Not long ago I was in my back yard playing with my dog. We have a two year old rescue collie named Echo and he loves to play rough outside. It was a little chilly outside and when it’s chilly my wedding band sometimes likes to slip right off my finger. This happened while I was playing with Echo. Now, because this was in the winter our yard had a bunch of pine needles on the ground. So trying to find my ring wasn’t like trying to find a needle in a hay stack, it was like trying to find a ring in a needle stack. After about 10 minutes I got really lucky and found my ring. Now you might think that upon realizing how lucky I got that I was actually able to find my ring, I’d take […]

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